TESTING (施工中) 

Verna (Yi-Wen Chen) 

Customer Service Co-op Program 

學習期間: 2014/11~2015/04 

I am a student from Taiwan who studies Customer Service CO-OP Program in Greystone College. During 6 months for academic portion, I have learned a lot from my instructors (Sarah Maxwell, Isabel Angel, Janet Love Morrison, Brad Johnson, Jonathan Granfar), my classmates are from different countries, staff in Greystone College (Grace Pyo, Syroze, Joyce Yip, Anabela), CO-OP coordinators (Anin, Akiko, and Meitha), and school counselor, Holiday Mah. All of them inspired and help me a lot. They are industrious, open-mined, willing to share.

I am not perfect. However, I feel complete because of them. I am so lucky and grateful that I can meet a group of awesome people. They are my guardian angels! Thank you all sincerely.